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 Moto GP Estoril de volta em 2013

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Honda Monkey

Número de Mensagens : 77
Idade : 35
Localização : Lisboa
Mota/Modelo : XT600SM
Data de inscrição : 20/07/2011

MensagemAssunto: Moto GP Estoril de volta em 2013 Maio 10th 2012, 02:52

MotoGP: Estoril confirmed until 2014

Contrary to reports circulating that have been placed in various media, including international media, a statement released by the press office of the Estoril Circuit recently confirmed that the Portuguese race is guaranteed in the calendar of the World Speed for three more years, ie until 2014. Seizing the opportunity created by the completion of the GP of P...ortugal in the past week-end, the various stakeholders in this area met and reached a consensus platform for the maintenance of a date on the calendar reserved for Estoril. Therefore, as you can read below in the official statement from the press office of the Estoril Circuit, the Portuguese fans and many foreigners who visit the racecourse near the Serra de Sintra can rest easy: the best riders in the world on two wheels will continue to stop by, at least until 2014. See the statement of the Estoril Circuit below which denies the rumors that the Portuguese race would be at risk of not performing as early as next year "Estoril, Dorna, the Board Cascais Municipal and Tourism of Portugal created a platform of agreement to ensure continuity of the MotoGP at Estoril in the next three years. The meeting that brought Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports SL, Domingos Piedade, Chairman of the Board of the Estoril Circuit, and Carlos Careers, Mayor of Cascais, held during the MotoGP event this weekend, and despite the threat rain, led the public to fill the benches of Estoril. The institutional framework for extending the contract for another three years was achieved with the consensus of all stakeholders in this meeting. Domingos Piedade managed to gather all the parts essential to determine the continuity of the race at Estoril. 'We met with the same goal - to extend the contract that ensures the race in Portugal - with all those that are essential to renew the contract and thereby ensure that the International Motorcycle race queen and the third most watched sporting event in the world , after the Formula 1 and World Cup, and will continue at Estoril in Portugal. From the first time that Dorna and Estoril Circuit, as grantors of the contract and the Chamber of Tourism and Cascais in Portugal, as official sponsors of the event, are only entities that work with the common goal of keeping the MotoGP in Portugal'' - said the President of the Estoril Circuit, contrary to some opinions circulated by those who do not at this meeting and that was indicated to be the grand prize at stake. The maintenance of MotoGP at Estoril, when compared to the Tourism, is good news for Portugal which has thus guaranteed the return on investment in a proof of this nature "- concludes Domingos Piedade. Following the Estoril circuit and Dorna will now meet for setting the calendar for future editions, claiming that the MotoGP will remain close but not coincident with the Estoril Open. is recalled that the MotoGP at Estoril generated more than five million of tourism revenue in 2010, according to official figures published by Turismo do Estoril. MotoGP last year guaranteed 75% occupancy of the region with over 1.4 million in direct revenue hotel, it is expected that the numbers this year may be similar to last year.

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CBR 600F2

Pendura : Rede de carga

Número de Mensagens : 1980
Idade : 33
Localização : Lisboa
Mota/Modelo : CBR125R JC50 - 2011
Data de inscrição : 09/06/2011

MensagemAssunto: Re: Moto GP Estoril de volta em 2013 Maio 10th 2012, 10:05

mais uma com a data de 2011...
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Moto GP Estoril de volta em 2013

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